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CNC double heads vertical milling machine

GOODA machine made Good flat steel

GOODA machine made PRECISION flat steel with 24-hour delivery service. Our machine can processing cold work steel, tool steel and mold plate and copper, aluminum. Besides, customized production can be provided based on our high-quality machine.

Double Heads Vertical Milling Machine_VM-1130NC

Cutting capacity

L x W x H

Max. 1100x300x280 mm

Min. 50x50x15 mm

Max loading weight


Cutting capacity

Roughing:3mm/side, Finishing:0.5mm/side

Customize for

1. Automatically measure, automatically processing and excellent surface performance.

2. Roughing and finishing step separate into two cutters and go ahead automatically, what the processing efficiency can be greatly improved, and prolong the service life of cutter blades in parallel.

3. One loading and one setting needed only is helpful to shorten the preparation time.

4. One loading and one setting needed only is helpful to shorten the preparation time.

5. This model goes well with steel bar processing also.

6. Compact & Close Cover Design: Innovative close cover design saves space and opens the work area for easy access, and at the same time, significantly enhances work safety and environmental performance.

Why choose Gooda CNC milling machine?

GooDa CNC twin head milling machines offer the following benefits:
1.Gooda has obtained dozens of patent technology and software copyright, and has successively passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification and CE product safety certification of the European Union TUV certification, national high-tech enterprise evaluation SGS Certificate and other honors.
2. After sale service, deliver high reliability with an emphasis on efficient maintenance service all the time. Maintain part-to-part consistency. we will help you at once when there is a problem. Besides, we will check machine regularly.
3. Machines come wired for USA electricity or your local electricity.
4. We supply expert installation and training.

5.Save you time and money and increase your productivity by milling your tools two sides at once.
6. Maximize tool life assuring your production will pay dividends for many years.

Don't worry and trust us, we will all here serve you!

According to following standards:
· TUV ISO 9001 certificate
· TUV certificate
· SGS certificate
· CE certificate
· More than 39 patents certificate
· National High-tech Enterprises certificate
Data sheets:
Model No .VM-1130