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VM-1830NCRG Planer Milling Machine Gantry Type with two heads

                                    High Speed CNC Gantry Milling Machine


VM-1830NCRG Specifications
No. Item Description Specification
1 Model GOODA CNC Double Heads Vertical milling machine 1830NCRG
2 Travel Max Cutting Length mm 3000
Max Cutting Width mm 700
Max.cutting Height mm 1800

Worktable Worktable size mm 1400x3000
Max loading weight kg 12000
T-slot size 10x150x22

 Gear Spindle Spindle power kw 15
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle speed 50-500
Cutter diameter 80
5 Belt Spindle Spindle power kw 11
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle speed 50-500
Cutter diameter 250

Feeding speed X axis  mm/min 0-6000
Y axis  mm/min 0-6000
Z axis  mm/min 0-6000

Motor power X ,Y,Z axis motor kw 5.5/3/2/2
Chip remover motor kw 0.2
7 Dimension & weight Machine area mm 9.7x4.3
Machine weight kg 23000


  1. Machine base with rigid, one piece iron construction
  2. Precision milling top and bottom surface milling with gear box spindle more powerful
  3. Nitrogen balance system reduce the spindle's work load; 
  4. User-friendly touch screen and easy learning program.
  5. One time setup automatic processing.
  6. Automatic locking and measurement;
  7. Automatic processing from rough-milling to finish-milling.
  8.  High speed and high precision transmission system.
  9. The X / Y / Z three-axis adopts linear slide rail, which has the characteristics of high rigidity, low noise and bottom friction coefficient.
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