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VM-1550NC CNC Vertical Milling Machine With Two Heads

                                     GOODA VM-1550NC
                 CNC Double Heads Vertical Milling Machine
                    3 Axis Automatically Measure & Cutting
                                   Not Only Double Faster


GOODA CNC Machining Tools VM-1550NC Specifications
No. Item Description Specification
1 Model GOODA CNC Double Heads Vertical milling machine VM-1550
2 Travel Max Cutting Length mm 1500
Max Cutting Width mm 400
Max.cutting Height mm 490
3 Worktable Worktable size mm 1500*490
Max loading weight kg 2500
4 Gear Spindle Spindle power kw 37
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle speed 50-500
5 Belt Spindle Spindle power 15
Spindle speed 50-500
5 Feeding speed X axis  mm/min 0-8000
Y axis  mm/min 0-8000
Z axis  mm/min 0-8000
6 Motor power X ,Y,Z axis motor kw 2003/3/3
Chip remover motor kw 0.2
7 Dimension & weight Machine area mm 6.8x2.5
Machine weight kg 17000
Design Feature:
1. Automatically measure, automatically processing and excellent surface performance.
2. Maintain high accuracy for dimension, squareness and parallelism.
3. One loading and one setting needed only is helpful to shorten the preparation time.
4. Mainly used for pre-squared steel pate and non-ferrous metal materials for flat surface.
5. Machine bed base with chip removal groove.
According to following standards:
*   TUV ISO 9001 certificate
*   TUV certificate
*    SGS certificate
*    CE certificate
*    More than 39 patents certificate
*    National High-tech Enterprises certificate
According to following standards:
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