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Automatic Precision High-speed Sawing And Milling Machine H-1510

                                             GOODA H-1510

Gooda group's brand "Heineda" : Professional manufacture of sawing machines

        Automatic precision high-speed sawing and milling machine
             High speed & High Precision & Powerful cutting
                                Sawing steel plate like wood!

H-1510 is suitable for single or batch production in the manufacturing industries of mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, automobile, ship, bridge, etc.

It is mainly used for sawing ferrous metal sheets and squares. The machine has a fully automatic servo feed system for precise quantitative feeding and speed adjustment;

with fully automatic work cycle function

High speed cutting to reduced the processing time and save your money.



Models HND-1510

Saw cutting capacity
 Cutting length 3200mm
 Cutting width 1500mm
 The maximum cutting height 100mm
 Maximum exposure elevation of saw blade 105mm
Main saw blade Main saw motor 15KW
Main saw diameter Ø460mm
The diameter of axle core for the main saw Ø 50mm
Rotate speed of main saw 30~125rpm (No Steps Controlled bv inverter)
Saw seat Walking Servo motor 3.0KW
Feed speed 100~350mm/min
Fastest speed MAX: 6.5m/min
Sizing Gripper Automatic feed Servo motor AC 3KW
Maximum opening height of clamping jaw 125mm
Air pressure ≥5.0 kg/cm2
Worktable height 990 mm
(××)Overall dimension of machine (length x width x height) 7290mmx5000mmx2400mm
Voltage 380V(Three -phases)
Coolant 150L Soification fluid


Features Full-automatic CNC Horizontal Sawing Machine,automatic feed, precise quantitative feed and speed adjustment, Fully automatic cycle sawing
ISO9001 Standard, CE certification
High-speed, high-precision sawing, significantly improve the productivity
Unique carbide tipped circular saw blade, smooth sawing surface
Long service life and low operating cost
workpiece placed sturdy by Cylinder-driven clamp, fed precisely by Rear high-precision servo control system
Saponification fluid cycle coolant system,
easy and quick to change saw blade
Mitsubishi servo control system and operating system, LCD touch panel
Downward saw head sawing structure, Stable and high-precision cutting
automatic adjust sawing speed according to the type of material


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