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CNC Precision Aluminum Plate Circular Saw Machine

Sawing ability Cutting length 2600mm 3300mm 3800mm
Cutting width 2600mm 3300mm 3800mm
Cutting height  3~160mm 3~160mm 3~160mm
Maximum saw blade height 163mm 163mm 163mm
Main saw blade Spindle servo motor 22KW / 30KW 22KW / 30KW 22KW / 30KW
Diameter Ø550mm/Ø630mm Ø550mm/Ø630mm Ø550mm/Ø630mm
Ball screw Ø 38mm Ø 38mm Ø 38mm
spindle speed 0~4500 r/min 0~4500 r/min 0~4500 r/min
Saws Feed servo motor 2KW 2KW 2KW
Advance speed The fastest  15 m/min  The fastest  15 m/min  The fastest  15 m/min
Retreat speed   The fastest 70 m/min   The fastest 70 m/min   The fastest 70 m/min
Other Automatic feeding motor AC 3KW AC 3KW AC 3KW
Use air pressure ≥5.0 kg/cm2 ≥5.0 kg/cm2 ≥5.0 kg/cm2
Worktable height from the ground 1030mm 1120mm 1130mm
Machine dimensions (length × width × height) 5240mm×6700mm×2040mm 7560mm×7000mm×2385mm 8265mm×7656mm×1980mm
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Sawing accuracy Sawing accuracy (compared to setpoint) ≤±0.3mm ≤±0.3mm ≤±0.3mm
Verticality ≤±1° ≤±1° ≤±1°
Repeatability ≤±0.2mm ≤±0.2mm ≤±0.2mm
By the foot perpendicularity Horizontal vertical (sawing direction) ≤±1° ≤±1° ≤±1°
Horizontal vertical (feeding direction) ≤±1° ≤±1°


Model: HL-8CNC  Automatic sawing machine
▲ HL On behalf of Han Tian company automatic sawing machine model.
▲ 8 On behalf of the size of sawing machine, 8 can be cut width of 2600 mm.
▲NCA On behalf of this section sawing machine for automatic models.
This equipment can be applied to, copper, composite panels, plastic plates, etc. sawing the plate.
Technical specifications and parameters:
2.Mechanical Features:
(1).The machine consists of the following main components
a.Device master                           d.Touch Panel | Control Panel    g. Floating platform
b.Integral binder system               e . cooling system                          h.Saw blade chip
c.Automatic feeding device           f.  Main table
(2).Main component structure and others
a.The main body of the equipment
The main body of the equipment consists of the main frame, the lifting head, the head walking mechanism, the saw blade clamping mechanism and so on.
(Ⅰ)Main frame
The main frame is welded by welding process, after welding by annealing to stress treatment.
(Ⅱ)Can lift the nose
The head lift is designed with a parallel double slide rail (silver on Taiwan), through a smooth lifting head of the hydraulic system. When cutting, you can set the height of the saw in the display to meet the requirements of different thicknesses. , In a very good realization of the material sawing at the same time, but also save resources, increasing the life of the saw blade. Spindle with fully enclosed axle box, three high-speed bearings (bearing brand for the SKF / NSK) side by side arrangement, reducing the spindle beating. Axle box has been added to the installation of lubricants, 1 year without adding lubricants. Spindle drive with ribbed belt drive.
(Ⅲ)Nose movement
The head of the walking mechanism adopts the servo motor acceleration and deceleration drive, the rack and pinion drive, and the combination of the upper and lower parallel double slide design, effectively reduce the inertia of the nose to enhance the smooth movement of the saw, and can effectively reduce the movement of the deflection Shake to achieve the best cutting accuracy. Line slider with dust slider (line brand Taiwan silver), and a centralized fuel supply. Head walking and saw blade stepless speed change, according to the actual production can be through the touch screen knob to adjust the sawing speed and saw blade speed.
(Ⅳ)Saw blade clamping mechanism
Using double flange with nuts large contact surface clamping blade, wrench to tighten the nut, locking blade, convenient and quick.
b.Integral binder system
The use of two-cylinder drive gear rack and the like sliding structure, the overall pressure of the material cover, from the top down the material, the material placed on the table level, while ensuring the simultaneous compression material, but also to small pieces of material sawing cutting material More accurate. The overall role of the material is also a good seal, reducing noise, greatly improving the safety of the entire sawing process. The outside of the bobbin is equipped with an organ dust curtain, which minimizes dust leakage.
c.Automatic feeding device
(Taiwan on the silver) with servo-driven double gear and rack drive, and the magnetic scale to double the way to the two-way rail, To achieve accurate accuracy, the maximum speed of 10 m / min. If you carry out bulk sheet sawing, as long as the touch screen can be set to cut the data can be, without the need for each operator to measure the knife sawing, can be repeated several times the number of inch feeding, improve production efficiency. Feeding rack structure is firm, can promote not less than 2 tons of material work. The receiving frame adopts multiple sets of polyurethane rollers to facilitate the movement of materials. 
d.Touch Panel | Control Panel
The electrical system uses the control panel and the touch screen design, the operation is simple and the efficiency is high. The function buttons are set on the control panel to facilitate the operation of the operator. All the control buttons are intuitive in the touch screen shown in the touch screen can be through the function button for the relevant operation, at the same time, HL-8BNC also uses the workstation design, select the workstation in the touch screen, as long as the set of bulk plate sawing Length and saw the number of times, then put the plate, and then press the touch screen can be run. The position where the saw is cycled is outside the length of the plate, thus reducing the sawing cycle and increasing the sawing efficiency of the batch sheet.
e . cooling system
Using room temperature cooling, energy saving, through the gas nozzle to the blade blowing, cooling.
f. Main workbench:
The main work surface for the chrome-plated table, in the case of enhanced durability, but also reduce the friction between the material and the table.
g. Floating platform:
1.Floating table size: 1800 mm (length) x600 mm (width) x2 seats.
2. Floating table surface with multiple sets of polyurethane caster, the operator on the table can easily promote the material, and to prevent scratching the plate. Scratch criteria: hand touch no obvious touch, the specific reference to the January 2016 sample plate (the manufacturer of the plate, after the manufacturer scratch test, this board is currently saved by the buyer). If you will scratch the plate, will replace the other material of the floating beads or transformation equipment until the scratch plate.
h. Saw Blade Slot:
Saw blades are scrapped rubber.
▲  Clamps:
1. Number of work clamps Standard configuration: 8 work clamps.
2. Each jaw is equipped with a cylinder to pull the work sheet in a lever-like manner to clamp the work piece to ensure that the work material does hold the sheet. When the material is loaded, the clip is moved to the front table, and the sheet is moved backwards to reduce the personnel operation.
I.Customer special requirements:
1.A limit mechanism can be installed to prevent the operator from setting the blade cutting position incorrectly.
2.After the change to the assembly type, rather than the overall type.
3.If the material is used to scratch the plate, it will continue to replace the other materials of the feed wheel or transformation equipment until the scratch plate.
4.The equipment needs to ensure accuracy, it is recommended to reduce the radial runout of the blade and change the control method of the feeder. Spindle beating ± 0.01mm (axial); Flange end beating ± 0.03mm.
5. Spindle feed slider and other centralized oil lubrication pipe on the need for steel pipe laying.
6. Electrical control cabinet in line with IP54, pneumatic valve station, hydraulic valve station need to do dust treatment.
7.The dust collection device on the dust tank needs to be optimized to ensure optimal dust collection.
8. Install the air gun installation hook.
9. Walking speed can be adjusted, the use of servo feeding, adjustable document step, knob control feed rate of 0.9m / min.
10. Increase the PLC count function. (Record saw blade number).


According to following standards:
·GB / T 9061-2006, JB / T 9873-1999,JB / T10051-1999, GB / T5226.1, GB 16454,GB 5226.1
Data sheets:
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