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GOODA CNC Machining Tools Gantry Grinding Machine HG-2330NC

CNC Gantry Grinding Machine - High Precision Metalworking Machine Tool 

Automatic Operation 

Maintain high precision of dimension, squareness and parallelism 

1. The lower part of the double column is firmly connected with the bed, the upper part is tightly connected with the beam, and the machine bed, the double column and the beam form a rigid closed frame structure.

2. The grinding machine is equipped with a safety type grinding wheel with buffer protection device. The wheel adopts reasonable structural transformation, so that the safety of the operator is guaranteed.

3. The horizontal grinding head adopts high-precision flange type spindle design. With three pairs of super-precision angular contact bearings (made in Japan/Germany), using high-temperature resistant high-grade lubricating grease, completely sealed, no need for additional maintenance. Therefore, it can maintain high quality characteristics such as low noise, high precision and low temperature during grinding. 

4. The worktable adopts the fully supported double V self-positioning type hard rail design, the base rail is processed by high frequency, HRC55°±3°, the worktable rail is affixed with PTFE rail tape, to ensure the good smoothness and guidance of the table motion rail. 

Technology Parameter 

Item Unit HG-2330NC
Capacity Max. grinding size(W*L) mm 2000*3000
Worktable size(W*L) mm 1800*3000
Max. thinckness mm 600
Net width of inside mm 2300
Max. Loading weight KG 12000
Electric disk size mm 1800*3000
Grinding head Spindle motor KW 22
Spindle size mm Ф170
rpm rpm 1400
Grinding wheel size mm Ф500x80x203
Motor Power Worktable drive motor KW 30
Left and right moving motor KW 2.0/10N.M
Up and down moving motor KW 2.0/15N.M
Water pump motor KW 0.5
Speed Front and back moving speed mm/min 5-2800
Left and right moving speed mm/min 5-3000
Up and down moving speed mm/min 5-3000
Size Space mm 9100*4600
Machine height mm 3600
Machine Weight KG 35000
Other Power supply V/HZ 380V-50HZ

*Design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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